Samir Benjelloun – Marina master-Agadir.

Great guy. Speaker of every language. Problem solver. Moto cross guy. Kite surfer.

Nadia Balvet – My best Morocon friend.

Again to the rescue. 10 years later. Will be most famous Morocon in as soon! Rene knows how she makes things happen , from nothing.

Tarik Balvet – Nadia son.

Knows everyone in morocco. If you want help he must be on speed dial number one. Kind wife Layla.

Jean-Philippe Pons-Malartre - Camera man.

Never say die. Happy to do anything to get shot doing the small tasks.


From building a awesome boat from scratch, with only a few drawings was his first miracle. Seaman who yearns to do adventure himself.Good to have expert with in morocco to oversee work done.

Eamonn Lopez – Canary Islands.

Spoke all languages. Knew every single person on Lanzarote island. Introduced us to media and to Wes. Vasti and I know we would not have even made it past canaries if Eamonn had not helped so selflessly.

Dr Miguel Klein – Dentist in Arrecife , Lanzarote island.

He first tooth problem. The old madagscar one that I half pulled only needed to come out. He arranged immediately. Ouch. But more so Miguel loves fishing and drove out to our boat to leave us a few of his favorite Rapalas . What made us laugh more was that as a very thoughtful dentist gesture, dr Miguel also left sontal cement incase my tooth had a problem along the route across atlantic!

Wes & Roisin L – Catlanza in Puerto Calero.

Wes was engineer that could probably send something to space from his workshop. He repaired seats, watermaker and other minors, all for free. They have most beautiful yachts we've seen. Huge and luxury to see canaries from ocean view.

Henry and Seef – Dutch sailing couple.

Made a turn past us down FuerteVentura coast to see we were ok. Oddly they were in agadir the same time as us. Buhey just remember our boat. We then bump into them in Morra Jable marina. They lent us fenders and made sure we were safely tied up in the bad weather. We loved the yacht they were on and one day want to sail as they are. Taking a year off from work and just seeing the world.

Luis Ramirez and Jorge Del Rosal

We met in Bahamas while rowing through. They promised to catch up with us in Miami. And they did in grand style. Part of the escort welcoming us in. Luis didn't waste time in showing us Miami culture by taking us to our first ever basketball game. Jorge repaired our boats damaged bow . Neither expecting anything in return. Welcome to Miami! Luis, originally from Cuba, owns a prosthetic business. Making and fitting prosthesis for clients across the worlds. Jorge has a business in the boating industry. Buying, selling and maintenance of super yachts to the world.

Doug Bouse and Shimano USA:

Doug Bouse and Shimano USA replaced our TLD 40 reels. They say the fish will bite when we in the gulf stream. Hope there is a big one or two that bite. Were grateful to Doug and Shimano USA. What a big help.


San Salvador Island:


The San Salvador Local Government

For the sponsoring of much needed meals.

Harvey Roberts – Administrator

All the amazing photos of the arrival and while Riaan and Vasti were on the Island.

Paradis Restaurant

Special thanks for the Lunch you gave to Riaan and Vasti on Wednesday April 16th, Riaan said the food was the best ever. Vasti ate all her Ribs and left nothing but bones on the plate...she even ate the Macaroni and cheese which was prepared Bahamian style.

The Bahamas Tourism office

Sponsored 2 nights hotel stay while on the island and hosted them with Staff J. Johnson and Shavone Major.

Club Med Columbus Isle,

Sponsored 2 nights of dinner and breakfast and also a night free at the hotel. Some how they made space to accommodate them while the hotel was full at 100% occupancy. Club Meds Chief of the village JC and Head Chef Ivan also donated food supplies and other rations like a case of wine for the continued journey. They also offered accommodations if need at their Club Med Sand Piper hotel in Miami if they need it.

The San Salvador primary school

Came and sang the "welcome to San Salvador song" to them welcoming them to the island. The singing brought tears to Vasti's eyes as the kids sang. It was also the perfect song for such an occasion as no other island could have sung it or would have sung it. The words are "Welcome, to San Salvador....Welcome, to our island....Welcome to San Salvador, were glad you've come have some fun before your back on the run."

The San Salvador Resort and Spa

Allowed use of the grounds for photos and the footage shots that they took which we will put on Tourism Today

J. M. Johnson – Operations Manager, Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd.

For organising everything from the welcoming to meals and accommodation in San Salvador. Without this guardian angel we would have been lost. A friend for life!

Mrs. Jeannie Weber and Mrs. Wenzlie Dorsette

For the awesome footage captured of Riaan and Vasti.