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No Food for Lazy Man™ is a charity organisation set up by Solo Adventurer, Riaan Manser, to provide disadvantaged children with a sporting chance at a brighter future.

The No Food for Lazy Man™ trust identifies schools throughout the Province that are in dire need of assistance and supplies them with basic sporting equipment to ensure all our children receive the recreational stimulation necessary to build confidence, character and instill teamwork. For many of these children, the ability to take part in sport is all it will take for them to live out their dreams and aspirations.

Manser likes to do things a little differently... he expects the children to give back to society in some way or another… For example, some children recently chose to do a "beach clean" as part of their payback.

This is Manser's way of educating the youth that there is "no food for lazy man", and he hopes that in years to come these children might one day become the sporting heroes that other kids will aspire to follow, and he hopes too that they will also learn that things don't come free, and that we should give back where we can.

Charity Cycle Journey of Hope

The charity cycle, Journey of Hope (KFC) saw Riaan cycle 4100km, spelling the word hope, across the face of the Southern African map. Consuming limited calorie his cycling odyssey highlighted both the plight of hunger and the positive impact that Add Hope is making to the country’s children.


- This initiative has been awarded Gold for Campaign of The Year at the PRISM Awards as well as Bronze at the Lion Awards, Cannes Film Festival.

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